Bansal Brothers enjoys a strong standing in both domestic & international markets. The main reason for such belief of our customers in our product & services is mainly due to our commitment to quality. Based on this vision, we have put in place a three stage testing process.

Raw Material Testing

The most crucial component of FeSiMg is proper testing of raw materials. The main raw materials for manufacturing FeSiMg and Inoculants are Ferro Silicon and Magnesium. These materials along with other raw materials are tested by our sophisticated instruments in our own lab.

Continuous Batch Testing during production

Samples are taken from every batch of heat and sent to the laboratory. The chemical analysis confirms that the final product is as per the customer’s needs with absolutely zero scope of any error.

Final Sample Testing

We draw a representative sample from the lot that is to be dispatched for chemical testing and sieve analysis, thus providing a full proof check to the quality check process.